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Me want boots!

As I sit here on this early Saturday morning(I can't sleep), I started to think about some of the things that I want. BOOTS!!! 

Since I hate Uggs, but I like the style, when I saw the grey moccasins above, I fell in love. I've had my eye on these bad boys for about a year now.  An oversized sweater with jeggings/leggings would be nice to wear with them.  
This style is soooo me. I want them because they are hot like fiyah! I have my eye on a hot pink pencil skirt with a cute tee that would really set them babies off! It doesn't hurt that they are a lace up style. I could adjust them to my calf to fit perfectly.

Last, but certainly not least, the camel fringe moccasins. The lace up aspect is super cute. I would love to pair them with a cute denim pencil skirt, or light blue straight leg jeans and a cream top of some sort.

I can't stand having outfits in my head, because I can see what I want, but for some reason, I'm never able to bring it all together. While I would love all three pair, I would settle for one... =( 
Until next time...

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