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Hi! I'm Shanticka. My blog is about any and everything that I want it to be. Me, my family, work, personal style, friends, etc. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy getting to know me. Live, in living color.


Hey young world...

I wanted to do a post about my style as my younger self. As I went through my pics, I began to think... Is there anything that I would have done differently in my life up to this point? Are there things that I would go back and tell or for-warn young Shanticka so she could possibly change the outcome? Any advice that I would give her to be prepared for certain situations?

Hi 3 year old Shanticka! You are too cute for your own good. No advice there, this pic is just too adorable =D 

14 year old Shanticka. Bye, bye Chicago! Hello Minnesota! You don't know it yet, but that is where you will call home. Embrace it. You'll have much more fun. I know you don't understand it now, but it gets better. Thank your Auntie because it was for the best. And, that haircut was a fashion DON'T!

Hi 15 year old Shanticka! Having fun is great, but have you taken the time to find your passion? Keep up the good grades. It wouldn't hurt to get your eyebrows waxed every now and again! And yes, Granny is proud of you (I always wondered if she was). There's a lot of high pony-tail action going on from 15 to 17. Just an observation. Ha!

 Wud up, 17 year old Shanticka! Where did the time go? Are you preparing for college? Work/jobs/money will always be there. Prepare yourself to go to college and figure out what you want to do as a career. If you are persistent, things will work out.

Well, 18 year old Shanticka... the high school ride is over. I'm glad you had fun. Keep in touch with your friends. Your instincts are better than you think they are. Trust them. That amazing young fella that you just met... He is just that. AMAZING! 

Other than to advice to go to college (which I didn't do), I don't really have any for my younger self. Changing one thing, changes everything. And I feel like I'm in the exact moment that I'm supposed to be in. Everything that I've done and been through has prepared me for who I am today. When I look in the mirror, I'm glad to say that I LOVE what I see, inside and out. 

Until next time...

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  1. Cool post! I'm not sure what I would offer my younger self.. but it's a good thing to think about!


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