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Gymshoe swag...

It seems like forever since I've posted!! Since it gets dark earlier, my time to take pics when I get home form work is short & I haven't found a good spot in my house to take pics yet.

This is my Friday outfit. Casual, comfy, cute. Jacket previously seen here. I was so comfortable in this outfit. And any chance that I get to wear my most favorite pair of gym shoes, sign me up! I've been telling hubby for years that this is one of my favorite styles of Jordan's and what did he do? Get them for me for my birthday. Yay me!! Needless to say, the shoes are my favorite part of the outfit. Big surprise.

I broke down and relaxed my hair. It's so flat & lifeless right now. Soon, I will get my ends trimmed and hopefully a layered cut. Until next time...

Color Palette

Jacket - Sanoma - Kohls
Grey & white tank tops - Target
Jeans - Target
Shoes - Jordan's - Nike Store

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  1. Cute shoes! You rock them!



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