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Hi! I'm Shanticka. My blog is about any and everything that I want it to be. Me, my family, work, personal style, friends, etc. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy getting to know me. Live, in living color.


Color & Stripes

The dress that I'm wearing in this OOTD post is absolutely gorgeous! I've seen it around in the blog world, but not on anyone I knew, so I said what the heck. I was drawn to it at the Old Navy Outlet. Not to mention that the price was $12.99. SCORE!! I can't get enough of all the color in this dress. I wore it to work today, but only after running it by my daughter, husband and sister in law (I made her to come out of her house in the wee hours of the morning... Thanks Regina!). I had to make sure it was office appropriate. I'm not usually this loud with my outfits. Not to mention that it's a bit body hugging. I was a bit curvalicious =D I got the approval, and I was off to work. I chose to do no more than a bracelet and earrings for accessories. The dress was enough! It was definitely a conversation piece at work. I can't wait to wear it for a night on the town. Until next time...

Daily Palette

Dress - Old Navy
Belt - Target
Shoes - Steve Madden Herberger's 


  1. Ok, Im love love loving the dress! Its classy and professional yet sexy. Don't hurt 'em Mrs Buchanan.

  2. Hey!!!! I have that same dress and I'm wearin' it today!!!! LOL, that's so crazy. Got mine off the clearance rack too, same price and everything. I liked this dress as soon as I saw it, but decided to wait until it went on sale. So glad I did, I was able to it and the black and white one for 1/2 the orig. price.
    Thanks for visiting my blog..my camera died, but I'm getting another one this weekend so I'll start blogging again soon.

    I took a pic of me in the dress I may tweet it later.

  3. SOOOO I'm hating on all y'all with this dress, LOL!! Because I've been to like 1,000 ON's and have yet to find it! Boo hoo, I hope I'm not too late. You look fantastic in this dress. Shape for days, it's perfection! I like the belt with it too, it kind of anchors the dress. Looking good!

  4. What a fabulous dress and it looks gorgeous on you! What a great bargain!

  5. Great dress! Those colors look great on you :) I especially love it with the belt. I like your tattoo a lot too, wish I was old enough to get one <3

    Amazing blog, I'll be checking back often.
    I hope you have a chance to checkout mine too!

    xoxo Eva @ TheLaceFiles.blogspot.com

  6. i've been seeing this dress all over the blog world and i luv it!!!! u r wearing it dear and thanx for following :)

  7. love the dress on you.Old navy can be a hit or miss...but this is definitely a hit! thanks for the follow my dear


  8. ARGHH! The Old Navy dress I love so much but I can't find anywhere here in the DC area. :o(

    Anywho, you look great in it!

  9. oh em gee!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how many times I see this dress it is gorgeous!!!!


  10. I love this dress! I have been searching hi and low for it but cant find it :(! You look amazing!


  11. i'm in love with that dress! If there was an Old Navy in England i'd be there first thing tomorrow morning!

    I love you blog by the way, definitely following!


  12. This dress is Super Super CUTE!!! I never saw it at The Old Navy near me :(( but you look great in it.. Love your style keep Rep'n for the curvy girls!!

  13. I'm so sad I missed out on this dress! :(

    It's looks smashin on you!

  14. Love the fit of that dress on you! You look amazing!!!



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